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What is a Telehealth Consult?

This is a question many of our patients have asked us over the last couple of months. Physiotherapy is such a hands-on treatment model; how will a hands-off approach ever work?

Telehealth consults have been a standard practice of medical and Allied Health clinicians providing care for people in isolation or remote areas for some years now. It is a great adjunct to face-to-face clinic consultations.

Telehealth gives your physiotherapist a great insight into your natural living environment, allowing them to gain further knowledge on what it is you are dealing with on a daily basis, how you move around, and what environmental factors may be influencing your recovery. This extra knowledge will bring another dimension to your treatment and management plan.

Through this technology, you will have faster access to your clinician.

With Telehealth, clinicians will:

• Empower you to take full control of your pain.
• Ensure continuity of care, avoiding delayed rehabilitation.
• Demonstrate that Telehealth is as effective as face-to-face care.
• Check your home program, your form and technique, and provide you with live feedback and progression to your exercises.
• Discuss with you the possibility of involving your family to assist and carry out some basic techniques such as any stretching or hands-on treatment that may benefit you.

Telehealth Consultation
Our Process

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What We Offer

Our Services

Musculoskeletal & Sports Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Terrigal and North Wyong
  • Patient education
  • Patient management plans
  • Review of functional exercise programs
  • Movement assessments
  • Exercise prescription
  • Self treatment techniques
  • Home/work spaces assessments
  • Posture assessments
  • Injury screening
  • Rehabilitation exercises

Exercise Physiology

Exercise Prescription
  • Get to know your story
  • Life-style assessment
  • Health questions
  • Movement assessment
  • Functional assessment in your home environment
  • Functional posture assessment
  • Exercise and movement education
  • Personalised exercise program
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Strength & conditioning programs


Massage Therapy Terrigal and North Wyong
  • Posture education
  • Instruction on self massage techniques
  • Mobilisation with movement techniques
  • Stretch massage ball and foam roller classes

Other Services

Exercise Physiology Terrigal and North Wyong
  • Group exercise classes
  • One on one exercise classes
  • Over 55’s exercise classes
  • Mat Pilates classes
  • Home work station advice
  • Health screens and lifestyle advice
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