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Medical Professional Information

How do we help our medical professional Partners?

As primary Health care providers Optimum Health & Performance would like to extend its support to you and your patients. Whether your patients are awaiting surgery, involved in a workplace accident, undergoing a chronic disease management plan or a private patient with any musculoskeletal injury, we would like to offer support in the form of symptom relief and management. This would be either in a face-to-face setting in one of our two clinics or through Telehealth (using a clinical virtual exercise and consult program).

Optimum Health & Performance would like to reassure our medical professional partners that we have put appropriate processes in place to continue providing support for your patients through the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

In the instance of quarantine/isolation and patients not being able to travel to one of our two clinics, we have set up Telehealth video consultations for our Physiotherapy services. By offering telehealth video consultations, we can improve access to care by providing patient-end clinical support to your patients.

Our Telehealth consultations were built with remote physical therapy and mental healthcare in mind, making it possible to engage around exercises, education, and outcome measures in a secure, healthcare-regulated environment.

Telehealth Consultation

Our Aim


Support your patients and provide them with relief and improved quality of life.


Improve load distribution through the body away from the injured or affected site.


Provide pain management.

Our Services Options

In clinic

Physiotherapy Terrigal and North Wyong
  1. An in depth history taking – getting to know you, your history, your story, your health, gaining as much information as possible that will help us understand you.
  2. A thorough physical and functional assessment to determine where possible the source and cause of your injury and ailment.
  3. Treatment – we will summarise the information we have gained up to this point so that we can help you understand what is going on and how we will be able to help you.
  4. Treatment options:
    • Manual therapy and joint mobilisation
    • Soft tissue and fascial mobilisation
    • Movement retraining
    • Functional strengthening exercises
    • Return to work programs
    • Return to sport programs
  5. Equipment – we will supply you with any equipment or aid you may need to help you progress effectively through your rehabilitation (braces, splints, exercise equipment, etc.)

Telehealth (PhysiApp)

  1. An in depth history taking – getting to know you, your history, your story, your health gaining as much information as possible that will help us understand you.
  2. We will then conduct a series of tests where we will observe your movement and your pain response to specific tests.
  3. WE will then present to you a summary of what we believe is going on and how best you will be able to manage this at home, either on your own or with the help of your loved ones.
  4. We will guide you and your family member assisting you on any manual handling techniques assisted exercises or stretches you may need to do. 5- Any equipment can be sent to you should you require this.
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