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Summer Podiatry Tips



As the weather gets warmer, you may find your feet begin to sweat in your shoes. Warm, moist environments like our shoes can lead to fungal infections of the skin or nail. To stop the spread of infection here are some tips:

  • Change your socks daily
  • Hang your socks out to dry inside out in the sun
  • Wash your feet and in between your toes
  • Dry your feet thoroughly
  • Put shoes out in the sun regularly
  • Avoid wearing the same shoe daily
  • Let your feet breath whenever possible
  • Avoid going barefoot in public showers

Barefoot Walking

We often avoid wearing enclosed shoes during the warmer months given us the opportunity to embrace barefoot walking. Walking barefoot can have benefits such as:

  • Improved balance
  • Strengthens lower limbs
  • Promotes good posture

Beware of walking barefoot on hot surfaces to avoid damage to the skin.


Thongs are arguably the most popular footwear for people during summer, however wearing thongs over long periods can lead to pain, instability, clawed or hammer toes and bunions. It is important to select a summer shoe/sandal which locks the heel into place and prevents the shoe from sliding around, preferably with adjustable fixtures to best secure your foot. 

Public Pools and Warts

A plantar wart is an infection in the outer layer of your skin which occurs when a virus enters through tiny cuts in the skin.  Warts are common in children and are commonly acquired from being barefoot around public pools. They may appear as hard callous-like lumps on the bottom of your foot. It is important to wear thongs and keep your feet covered as much as possible to prevent warts spreading to your child’s feet.

If a wart does occur keep it covered and contact the clinic to explore treatment options.

Nail Polish

Toe-nail polish is popular during the summer months whilst people are wearing open toed shoes however this can lead to fungal nails infections. Bacteria thrives in dark, warm environments which is created by the layer of nail polish. It is important to let your nails breathe to avoid fungal infections which can eventually destroy the nail bed.

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