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Pregnancy Classes

pregnancy classes at optimum health

I am very excited to inform you about our PREGNANCY FITNESS CLASSES being held at OPTIMUM HEALTH AND FITNESS in Nth Wyong.

These classes have been designed by experienced women’s health physiotherapist, Dorothy Gliksman, author of “The Pregnant Body”. On the list of suggested readings at St. Vincents Health Australia

The reason for doing classes such as these is to assist pregnant women in strengthening all muscle groups, arms, shoulders, tummy, back, thighs and, of course, the pelvic floor. Strong muscles mean you have a greater resource to call on when you need it. You’ll need stamina for labour, and having strong muscles gives you that, and you’ll certainly need it.

Labour means work; that is exactly what you’ll be doing to deliver your baby…working hard. Not only will you cope with labour better when prepared by being fit, but you will recover much quicker.

As well as strengthening your muscles, these classes will help stretch those areas that need it, plus you will learn the role your pelvic floor muscles play in labour and delivery.

These classes will be fun, there will be laughter, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions pertaining to your pregnancy that you might not get a chance to ask otherwise.

You need to be at least 12 weeks pregnant to begin, and the closer you are to that, the better.

The cut-off for those beginning is 30 weeks, but if you begin earlier in your pregnancy, you can keep exercising until delivery.

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