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Podiatry FAQ

podiatry faq optimum health and performance

People are often unsure what podiatrists do or if they are suited to using podiatry services. In short podiatry is for everyone! Here are some commonly asked questions surrounding podiatrists and what they do.

What is podiatry?

Podiatry focuses on foot and ankle health, whether that be relating to skin and nail, muscle, bone, sensation or blood flow.

Podiatrists are able to assist with:

  • Skin and nail care
  • Blood flow assessments
  • Sensation tests
  • Orthoses prescription
  • Biomechanical assessments
  • Lower limb advice and education
  • Exercise prescription

What happens during an appointment?

During a consult, we will work through your health related history to ensure you are provided with the most effective treatment tailored to your individual needs. I will then assess the issue you have presented with through various assessments and questions to gain understanding of your foot and ankle health.

After I have assessed the issue, we will explore treatment options which are most suited to you and follow a chosen treatment pathway to continue on.

Finally, I will provide education relevant to get the most out of your consult and to be able to improve your foot health in between consults.

Who do podiatrists see?

As a podiatrist, I’ve seen patients from all walks of life from 2 to 100 years of age with a plethora of lower limb complications.

I have seen people who want to learn how to cut their nails to people who need assistance with wound care and surgeries.

I’m always excited to meet new patients and work with you to address any foot and ankle issue you may have.

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