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Cancellation Policy

If we have your mobile number on our system, a reminder SMS will be sent out the day prior to your appointment. If you are late to your appointment you may only have a shorter consult, in order not to impact the following patients. This will be at our discretion.

It is a policy that we require a minimum of 24-hour notice for any cancellation. This will allow us to contact other patients on our waiting list. We will attempt to best accommodate you and reschedule your appointment. Late cancellation if unreasonable and non-attendance will attract a cancellation fee.

What we offer


Physiotherapy Consultations
  • Initial consultation – 45 mins
  • Complex Initial Consultation – 60 mins
  • Standard consultation 3- 0 mins
Remedial Massage
  • Consultation – 30 mins
  • Consultation – 45 mins
  • Consultation – 60 mins
Clinical Pilates
  • Initial Assesement – 60 mins
  • Group Class – 60 mins
  • Individual Session – 30 mins
Over 55s class
  • Group Class 60 min
  • Initial Consultation – 45 mins
  • Standard Consultation – 30 mins
Exercise Physiology
  • Consultation – 45 mins
  • Consultation – 30 mins
  • Diabetes Classes
  • Exercise Classes